What size of ensemble do I need?

The truth of the matter is that a quartet has the richest, fullest sound and is flexible enough to fit any sized event. We recommend the string quartet because we think you will appreciate the difference in quality the ensemble brings. We do recognize, of course, that the quartet doesn't fit every budget. A duo will suffice for events with under 50 guests, and a trio for events with 50 - 200 guests. Above 200 guests, we strongly recommend a quartet.


How much does each ensemble cost?

Please visit our prices page for more information. Or request an estimate for your event with our "Request a quote" form.


Does Altissimo play outside of Montreal and is there a travel fee?

We do play outside of Montreal, generally within a 130km radius of downtown.

There is no travel fee for events in the city of Montreal.

For an exact estimate of the travel fee for your event, please fill out our "Request a quote"form.


Can I pay by credit card?

Unfortunately we are not set up to accept credit cards at this time.


How should I address my cheque?

Cheques should be made payable to the order of: Altissimo Musique.


How do Altissimo musicians dress to perform at events?

We dress in formal black and/or tuxedos at events for which we have been engaged. Other attire may be requested.


Will Altissimo rehearse with and accompany my singer?

Absolutely. We will be pleased to rehearse with another musician you have found up to one half-hour before on the day of the event at no extra charge. However, if the repertoire demands, we reserve the right to schedule an extra paid rehearsal at $50 per hour per musican into the contract.


There is a piece that I don't see on your repertoire list. Can I request it?

Please do! The repertoire listed on our site is by no means exhaustive. We will make every effort to accomodate you. If the piece is not readily available for the ensemble you have requested, there may be an arrangement fee.


I don't know which pieces to choose. Can you help me?

With pleasure. Repertoire consultation is included in our services.


Will Altissimo attend my wedding rehearsal?

Usually it is not necessary for the musicians to attend the rehearsal. If you absolutely require us to attend, we will be pleased to do so for an additional fee.


Can I see a live demo?

Altissimo has found from past experience that live demonstrations are not practical. We've worked very hard on recording the samples and putting them on our website. We invite you to peruse them.


What if my event goes overtime?

In high wedding season, our musicians often perform at more than one event in a day. If your event goes more than 15 minutes over your booked time, there is a late fee of $25 per musician per 15 minute period. Extra time may potentially be negotiated with the musicians on the day and payment made directly to them.


Does Altissimo play at events other than weddings?

Oh my, yes. Altissimo will play at just about any kind of event.


Will Altissimo play at outdoor events?

In short, yes. But outdoor events can be tricky. Our instruments themselves are works of art and cannot withstand the elements (sustained exposure to direct sunlight, rain, etc). It's also too uncomfortable for our poor fingers to play under certain temperatures. Please check with us directly concerning this matter.


Does Altissimo have a singer, a pianist, a flutist, etc?

Altissimo is primarily a string ensemble, but do frequently work with other instrumentalists. Chances are very high that we know a classical musician who will fit the bill and be happy to join our ensemble for your event.


What does 'Altissimo' stand for?

Altissimo means 'very high' in Italian. We chose the name because of the very high standards we have in our music and our professionalism. It is also a play on words with the word 'alto' which is both a voice type and the French word for viola.